Think About It



Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by.


My name is Luc. I am a weird African with some strong opinions.


Friends and family have always told me that I should write a book or be one of those help gurus.


They have often told me that I have different and unique insights.


I believe ideas can change the world for the better. I’m here to share mine, in the hope to inspire folks to think, do and be better.

I believe we all want the same thing: HAPPINESS. Unfortunately, too many of us engage in self-destructive thoughts and beliefs. We often do so without realizing it.


Having studied psychology in college for four years, one of my expertise resides in the matters of the mind. So in this blog, my goal will be simple: CHALLENGE FOLKS TO THINK BETTER! I’ll be challenging my readers to think better, so they can be happier. I’ll be challenging them to think better of the world we live in, think better of themselves, and more importantly, think better of others around them!


I’d like to help others be happier because happiness should be a never-ending pursuit. No matter how happy we are, there’s always a happier state one can aspire to. In the words of the great Don Draper:


That is why I help people be happier, rather than helping them find happiness. It’s why I want to challenge people to think better, rather than help them find all the answers.


My views are different, unusual, and at times provocative.


However, I put an emphasis on making sure my views remain informed, fact-based and unifying.


Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy! 🙂